Photo Safari #77 - Happy Holidays

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Friday, Nov 30 2012 by

Hey, we’re a bit behind schedule but here’s a Photo Safari for you. To ring in the holiday season we’ll be hunting down all things Christmas. Decorations, snowmen, Santas, banners, ads, you name it. If it is Christmasy, it’ll count.

Post your finds to Street View – Safari – Submission and another appropriate category. The usual rules about only one post of a collection of similar posts (one street banner would count, not a post for every street banner in the city) apply as always.

Kudos for a Santa with a child in his lap or a snowman with a top hat. Mega-kudos for a sleigh with all the reindeer.

The safari will end at 0700 UTC on December 5th. Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

Massive private Christmas display (StreetView)
Massive private Christmas display

Christmas Tree (StreetView)
Christmas Tree
Christmas Decorations (StreetView)
Christmas Decorations

Christmas window decorations (StreetView)
Christmas window decorations

World’s largest snowman (StreetView)
World’s largest snowman

Snowman (StreetView)
Santa on a Coca Cola billboard (StreetView)
Santa on a Coca Cola billboard

Santa Claus (StreetView)
Santa Claus
Nativity scene (StreetView)
Nativity scene

Nativity Scene (StreetView)
Nativity Scene