Photo Safari #79 - Results

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Thursday, Dec 20 2012 by

Yumm. Good stuff. Dania dominated from the first minutes only to be pushed into second at the last minute by a determined daggerwell. Mike1989 brought up the far distant third with WacoKidd110 the only other participant. Good job everyone. Thank you for playing.

The final results are:

77 maps submitted.

daggerwell – 35 points
Dania – 31 points
Mike1989 – 9 points
WacoKidd110 – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Paneer tikka Roll (StreetView)
Paneer tikka Roll

Bakkerij Geert Vonk (StreetView)
Bakkerij Geert Vonk
Italian cheese poster (StreetView)
Italian cheese poster

Cheeseheads hats (StreetView)
Cheeseheads hats

Canapés (StreetView)

Syrian Sesame Bread Sticks (StreetView)
Syrian Sesame Bread Sticks
Croissants (StreetView)

Swedish classic round crisp bread (StreetView)
Swedish classic round crisp bread
Goat cheese quiche (StreetView)
Goat cheese quiche

De Kaaskamer (StreetView)
De Kaaskamer

Tune back in at midnight for another great safari!