Photo Safari #84 - Tracks & Raceways

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Thursday, Jan 17 2013 by

Y’all seem to be enjoying the mixed services safaris for now so let’s keep it going. This week we’ll do tracks. Race tracks, horse tracks, formula one, velodromes, dragstrips, etc. As long as a vehicle or an animal (not human) uses it. No running tracks though. Sorry, there are just too many of those. Kudos for test tracks.

Any mapping service is valid. Post your finds to Safari Submission and another valid category. The safari will end at 0700 UTC January 23.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples:

BMW Test Track (Birds Eye)
BMW Test Track

Alfa Romeo 'Balocco' test tracks (Google Maps)
Alfa Romeo 'Balocco' test tracks
Horse race (Birds Eye)
Horse race

Golden Gate Fields Racetrack (Google Maps)
Golden Gate Fields Racetrack

Indoor / outdoor go cart track (Birds Eye)
Indoor / outdoor go cart track

Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track (Birds Eye)
Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track
'Terrain de bicross' BMX track (Google Maps)
'Terrain de bicross' BMX track

Karting Salou (StreetView)
Karting Salou
Baton Rouge Velodrome (Birds Eye)
Baton Rouge Velodrome

Velodrome at Bloomer Park (Google Maps)
Velodrome at Bloomer Park