Photo Safari #96 - Food 2

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Thursday, Apr 11 2013 by

I’ve lost 18 pounds recently. Now I’m famished. We did this category once before but the inside imagery was just showing up then. Now that you are more comfortable with inside imagery this should be a breeze.

This week you’ll be foraging for food. Real food or pictures of food but I need to see the actual food, not just packaging. Like usual if its a logo (a burger for instance) only post one; repeats won’t count. Meat needs to be dead, no live food.

Karma for donuts. Mega karma for apple fritters! Super mega karma for Deep Fried Twinkles!

NOTE: To find inside imagery move the little Street View man over the map as though you were about to select a location on a street to enter Street View. In many large cities you’ll see scattered orange dots. Those dots represent inside imagery. Explore!

Post your finds to Street View – Safari Submission and another appropriate category for credit. The safari will end at 0700 UTC Wednesday, April 17.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Cheese curing in a cave (StreetView)
Cheese curing in a cave

M&M and pretzel on a JumboTron (StreetView)
M&M and pretzel on a JumboTron
Donuts (StreetView)

Preserved food (StreetView)
Preserved food

Stockfish Drying Racks (StreetView)
Stockfish Drying Racks

Sea Food (StreetView)
Sea Food
Food (StreetView)

Hamburger Kebab Stand (StreetView)
Hamburger Kebab Stand
Goat cheese quiche (StreetView)
Goat cheese quiche

Italian cheese poster (StreetView)
Italian cheese poster