Remembering the King: Happy Birthday, Elvis

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The King was born January 8, 1935, and in his short life, he changed the face of music, and the world. Elvis Presley brought rock and roll, with its African American influence, to the broader public, and the world has rewarded him with the reputation as the King.

In honor of his legacy, let’s take a look at Elvis’s life.

Birthplace, Tupelo, MS

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and raised in a two-bedroom home with his parents. They moved after a few years because they struggled to make payments on the home. The small shotgun home has since been turned into a museum about the singer’s early life and rise to fame.

Elvis Presley's Birthplace (Birds Eye)
Elvis Presley's Birthplace

Sun Records, Memphis, TN

When Elvis was 13, his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. It was there that the budding musician met Sam Phillips, who ran Sun Music. Elvis went to the studio as a teen in the hopes that he might be discovered, and the rest is history.

In addition to Elvis, Sam Phillips worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, Ike Turner, and Johnny Cash. Phillips loved the style of music coming from the region, especially the African American influence, and worked to make it mainstream. He succeeded wildly, and changed the sound of music forever.

Sun Studio (StreetView)
Sun Studio

First Home in Memphis, TN

After his initial success, Elvis bought a home for his parents in his adopted hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. However, he was so successful and so famous that the home did not offer enough privacy for the new celebrity. Fans, reporters, and the like hounded him and his neighbors.

Elvis felt pressured to move his family to a bigger, more secluded home. His parents eventually settled on Graceland, and the rest is history.

Elvis Presley's First Memphis Home (Birds Eye)
Elvis Presley's First Memphis Home

Temporary Home in Killeen, TX

By his early 20s, Elvis was the most famous and popular musician in the United States. But still, he was drafted to fight in the Korean War, and he reported for a two-year tour of duty. He was stationed for a time at Fort Hood in Texas. During this time, he lived in a ranch-style home in Killeen, Texas.

Elvis Presley's house (former) (StreetView)
Elvis Presley's house (former)

Graceland, Memphis, TN

Quickly rising to international fame, a regular home was not sufficient for Elvis and his parents, so they picked out Graceland, located just outside Memphis. They lived there until Gladys, Elvis’ mother, died in 1958.

Eventually, Elvis lived there on his own, and then with his wife, Priscilla. Even after their divorce, he continued to live there. In fact, it was there that he passed away, after suffering a heart attack.

The estate has since been turned into a museum and National Historic Site. It is the second most visited home in the United States, behind only the White House.

Graceland (StreetView)

Home in Beverly Hills, CA

While Graceland is Elvis’ most famous residence, it was not his only home. He also had a home in Beverly Hills, CA. This seven bedroom Tudor-style home was bought by Elvis in 1970, and Priscilla continued to live there after their divorce until she sold it in 1975. It sold in late 2020 for about $29 million.

Elvis Presley's House (former) (Birds Eye)
Elvis Presley's House (former)

Lisa Marie Presley’s Home, United Kingdom

After years in the spotlight, Elvis’s only child, Lisa Marie, moved far away from the media, all the way to England. The former singer, actress, and AIDS activist felt she was “living in a fish bowl” in Los Angeles, so she traded it all in for a 50-acre sheep farm in Rotherfield. She stayed here for about eight years before moving back to California.

The 15th century estate has 11 bedrooms, nine bedrooms, and an indoor swimming pool, spa, gym, and more. The home is a unique blend of 15th century design and modern amenities, but its unique design contributed to the estate staying on the market for several years before she found a buyer.

Lisa Marie Presley's House (Bing Maps)
Lisa Marie Presley's House

Priscilla Presley’s Home, Los Angeles

Priscilla Presley stayed in California after she and Elvis divorced. She starred in several films, the hit television show “Dallas”, and has devoted much of her time to charity.

She has lived for 45 years in the same Beverly Hills home with n more than an acre of land. The “private enclave” has lush gardens, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, and of course, a luxurious pool.

The home was put on the market in September 2020 for almost $16 million. It sold in early December for $13 million.

Priscilla Presley's House (Google Maps)
Priscilla Presley's House

Although he only lived to age 42, the King has left a legacy that is so strong that he is still one of the most famous celebrities in the world. Gone but not forgotten, his reign continues.