Scavenger Hunt!

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Friday, May 4 2007 by

VGT is sponsoring a scavenger hunt! Users who wish to participate simply need to submit new maps to the categories below.

First place is determined by the number of points you get for the categories below. First place receives a $10 gift certificate or via paypal. If there are ties for first, all first place entries win!

1 Point

  • A boat in motion
  • A casino
  • A castle
  • A censored area
  • A train in motion

2 Points

  • A building under construction
  • An animal clearly identifiable

3 Points

  • A car accident
  • A hang glider, parachute or skydiver in descent
  • A sporting event in progress

To participate, simply submit your maps as usual. There is a new field on the submission page for the category you are submitting to.

We are doing a 10-question mini hunt for now. If the system works good, we plan on doing monthly hunts with more categories and bigger prizes!

Good luck!