Sports Sunday - Rowing Team Boathouses

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Racing boats, usually together with oars, riggers, and other equipment for rowing, are stored in specially designed storage areas — or boathouses. These usually consist of a long two-story building, in which the boats are stored on racks (horizontal, usually metal, bars) on the ground floor with a large door at one end which most probably leads out to a pontoon on the river or lakeside. Other equipment is stored around the boats. Upstairs, there is usually a gym, bar, an area for relaxation, or, rarely, more storage (due to difficulties transporting cumbersome rowing equipment upstairs). Boats are conveyed to competitions on special trailers accommodating up to 20 boats.

UC Berkeley boathouse (Google Maps)
UC Berkeley boathouse

Boathouse Row (Google Maps)
Boathouse Row
Boats at the Dutch rowing club boathouse (Birds Eye)
Boats at the Dutch rowing club boathouse

Thompson Boat Center (Google Maps)
Thompson Boat Center

Henderson Boathouse (Birds Eye)
Henderson Boathouse

Yale Boathouse (Birds Eye)
Yale Boathouse
Weld Boathouse (Birds Eye)
Weld Boathouse

Harvard Boathouse (Birds Eye)
Harvard Boathouse
The Hammerschlag Boathouse (Birds Eye)
The Hammerschlag Boathouse

Newell Boathouse (Birds Eye)
Newell Boathouse
DeWolfe Boathouse (Birds Eye)
DeWolfe Boathouse

H. W. Pierce Boathouse (Birds Eye)
H. W. Pierce Boathouse