Sports Sunday - Shooting Ranges

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Sunday, Oct 16 2011 by

A shooting range or firing range is a specialized facility designed for firearms practice. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel, called variously a range master or “RSO – Range Safety Officer” in the United States or a range conducting officer or “RCO” in the UK. These supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all gun safety rules are followed at all times.

Public stand at airforce shooting range (StreetView)
Public stand at airforce shooting range

Abandoned military shooting range (Birds Eye)
Abandoned military shooting range
Shooting range (Birds Eye)
Shooting range

Shooting range (Bing Maps)
Shooting range
Unusual shooting range (Google Maps)
Unusual shooting range

The Mollet Shooting Range (Birds Eye)
The Mollet Shooting Range