Street View Scavenger Hunt 3

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Thursday, Dec 26 2013 by

Time for another great big, combination Street View / Google Inside scavenger hunt. This is another big one. Really big! The biggest scavenger hunt we’ve done to date. I’ve taken the last big scavenger hunt, re-used many of the categories, and added even more categories.

I’m letting this hunt run for two weeks since there are so many categories.

Have fun and happy hunting!


A few rules apply to some of the categories. Those categories are so noted:

Note 1: Identify the person
Note 2: Provide a relevant More Info link
Note 3: Not close to or part of a series of images related to another post in the same category. Examples are windmills in the same wind farm, cars in the same show room, items for sale in the same store, the same item but a different angle.
Note 4: For example but not limited to in a drive-thru, at a toll booth, on a ferry, in a car wash, etc.
Note 5: Provide a link to proof
Note 6: Identify the program
Note 7: Either static display or armed
Note 8: Provide a link to the museum’s web site describing that specific object
Note 9: This can be a photo, ad, art, graffiti, etc. It also includes mash-ups, variations, humorously altered, and derived versions.
Note 10: Action figure, art, ad, poster, photograph, sculpture, or original.
Note 11: A building that was obviously built for one purpose and is now used for something else, e.g. the Skatepark / Church from Safari #94 or the canal boat converted into a DotCom office. Not just open industrial space or a ware house though. Make it interesting.
Note 12: eateries that have been featured on the Food Network Show ( ). Include a link to the page for that show. Hint: Click on links in the Episode Guide for addresses of locations the episode used.
Note 13: Interior shot from Google Inside imagery.
Note 14: Not in a photo, picture, ad, art, sculpture, etc.
Note 15: This can be a photo, picture, ad, art, sculpture, etc.
Note 16:


* All submissions must be from Google Street View / Google Inside / Google Android 360 imagery.

* No or other geolocation sites may be used for More Info links.

* No photo only More Info links. The page linked to must have a relevant caption or description describing subject matter. i.e. not just a link to a jpg or png file.

* Generally if someone posts a category from one location, you may not post a submission for that same category that is related to the original submission. i.e. Note 3 pretty much applies to all categories.

* Unless explicitly noted otherwise, photos and artist depictions of the subject in the category will be accepted. i.e. Note 15 applies to all categories unless otherwise noted.