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Wednesday, Jul 11 2012 by

Airbus A319 British Airways landing at Heathrow Airport (StreetView)
Airbus A319 British Airways landing at Heathrow Airport
1972 Cessna 150L in Flight (StreetView)
1972 Cessna 150L in Flight
Seaplane Takeoff Lake Hood (StreetView)
Seaplane Takeoff Lake Hood
Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Landing @ March Air Reserve Base (StreetView)
Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Landing @ March Air Reserve Base

There have been many posts on this website showing airplanes in flight in Streetview. Finally, I present to you this collection, one which puts every single one of these finds, be it airplanes, helicopters, or aerostats, into one organized place. Each find is coded by color and icon type.

Each find can be viewed directly within Google Earth (version 6+) or viewed in Google Maps with a direct link from within the placemark. The placemark also includes the original finder and a link to where that find came from (various different websites).

Note: Google Earth, so far, does not save the zoom level of a street view find, so some finds may need to be zoomed in on Google Earth. Their proper zoom level is saved on Google Maps, so if you cannot see it on Google Earth, it should be visible on Google Maps. If not; the image is outdated, and it would be awesome if you could inform me of it.

The file, as of this original release (7/10/2012) contains the following:
-35 countries, including 44 USA states + D.C.
-706 airplanes (638 civilian, 68 military), 103 helicopters
(69 civilian, 34 military), and 22 aerostats (831 total)

NOTE to MODERATORS: I’d ideally like to upload a KML Network Link, is there any way this is possible on this website? Since it’s a big collection on Google Earth that opens the finds within both GE and GM, it would be ideal if there was a download link for the network link.
The network link can be found here: https://gec-transportation-a-googleprodu…t_NL.kmz?part=4
Or the original file can be found here:

You can download the network link from the Google Earth Community (first link) (or I can send you the network link via email) and upload it here manually so people don’t need to connect through an external website