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Monday, Sep 13 2010 by

September 13, 1944 – Jacqueline Bisset, British actress

Jacqueline Bisset's House (Birds Eye)
Jacqueline Bisset's House

September 14, 1969 – Tyler Perry, American actor

Tyler Perry's House (Former) (Birds Eye)
Tyler Perry's House (Former)

September 15, 1946 – Tommy Lee Jones, American actor

Tommy Lee Jones' House (Birds Eye)
Tommy Lee Jones' House

September 16, 1925 – B. B. King, American musician

B. B. King's House (Birds Eye)
B. B. King's House

September 17, 1968 – Anastacia, American singer

Anastacia's house (Birds Eye)
Anastacia's house

September 18, 53 – Trajan, Roman Emperor (d. 117)

Trajan's Column (StreetView)
Trajan's Column

September 19, 1966 – Eric Robert Rudolph, American criminal

ADX Florence (Bing Maps)
ADX Florence
Site of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing (Birds Eye)
Site of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing