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April 2, 1939 – Marvin Gaye, American singer.

Marvin Gaye's Murder Site (StreetView)
Marvin Gaye's Murder Site

April 3, 1961 – Edward Regan “Eddie” Murphy is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, comedian, and musician.

Eddie Murphy (StreetView)
Eddie Murphy

April 4, 188 – Caracalla, Roman emperor (d. 217)

Baths of Caracalla (Google Maps)
Baths of Caracalla

April 5, 1901 – Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg (April 5, 1901 – August 4, 1981), better known as Melvyn Douglas, was an American actor.

Melvyn Douglas' Hollywood star (StreetView)
Melvyn Douglas' Hollywood star

April 6, 1937 – Billy Dee Williams, American actor

Billy Dee Williams' House (Birds Eye)
Billy Dee Williams' House

April 7, 1928 – James Garner (born James Scott Bumgarner) is an American film and television actor, one of the first Hollywood actors to excel in both media.

James Garner as Maverick statue (StreetView)
James Garner as Maverick statue

April 8, 1892 – Mary Pickford, Canadian actress (d. 1979)

Pickfair Estate (Birds Eye)
Pickfair Estate