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August 6, 1911 – Lucille Désirée Ball, was an American comedienne, film, television, stage and radio actress, model, film and television executive, and star of the sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy and Life With Lucy.

Lucille Ball (StreetView)
Lucille Ball

August 7, 1876 – Mata Hari (stage name of Margaretha Geertruida “Grietje” Zelle), a Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan, and accused spy who, although possibly innocent, was executed by firing squad in France for espionage for Germany during World War I.

Statue of Mata Hari (StreetView)
Statue of Mata Hari

August 8, 1694 – Francis Hutcheson, a philosopher born in Ireland to a family of Scottish Presbyterians who became one of the founding fathers of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Francis Hutcheson Blue Plaque (StreetView)
Francis Hutcheson Blue Plaque

August 9, 1968 – Eric Bana, an Australian film and television actor.

Eric Bana (StreetView)
Eric Bana

August 10, 1874 – Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st President of the United States (1929–1933).

Herbert Hoover (StreetView)
Herbert Hoover

August 11, 1897 – Enid Blyton, English author (d. 1968)

Enid Blyton's House (Birds Eye)
Enid Blyton's House

August 12, 1852 – The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, a Roman Catholic priest and founder of the Knights of Columbus. He was the son of Irish immigrants.

Reverend Michael Joseph McGivney statue (StreetView)
Reverend Michael Joseph McGivney statue