This Week's Birthdays - Week of February 29

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February 29, 1936 – Joseph Henri Richard, a former professional ice hockey player who played center with the Montreal Canadiens

Henri Richard (StreetView)
Henri Richard

March 1, 1924 – Deke Slayton, an American World War II pilot, aeronautical engineer, test pilot who was selected as one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts.

Deke Slayton (StreetView)
Deke Slayton

March 2, 1760 – Lucie Simplice Camille Benoist Desmoulins, a French journalist and politician who played an important role in the French Revolution.

Camille Desmoulins Statue (StreetView)
Camille Desmoulins Statue

March 3, 1911 – Jean Harlow, an American film actress and sex symbol of the 1930s.

Jean Harlow (StreetView)
Jean Harlow

March 4, 1931 – Bob Johnson, a legendary ice hockey coach. He earned his nickname “Badger Bob” while coaching the University of Wisconsin Badgers hockey team.

"Badger" Bob Johnson (StreetView)
"Badger" Bob Johnson

March 5, 1948 – Francisco Rivera PĂ©rez, known as Paquirri, a Spanish bullfighter.

Paquirri (StreetView)

March 6, 1927, Leroy Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, Jr., American astronaut.

'Mercury Seven' Astronauts (StreetView)
'Mercury Seven' Astronauts