This Week's Birthdays - Week of July 21

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July 21, 1951 – Robin McLaurin Williams, an American actor and comedian.

Robin williams (StreetView)
Robin williams

July 22, 1964 – David Spade, American actor.

David Spade's House (Google Maps)
David Spade's House

July 23, 1970 – Charisma Lee Carpenter, an American actress.

Charisma Carpenter (StreetView)
Charisma Carpenter

July 24, 1964 – Barry Lamar Bonds, a former American Major League Baseball outfielder.

Barry Bonds Wax Figure (StreetView)
Barry Bonds Wax Figure

July 25, 1750 – Henry Knox, a military officer of the Continental Army and later the United States Army, and also the first United States Secretary of War.

Henry Knox Trail Marker (StreetView)
Henry Knox Trail Marker

July 26, 1987 – Fredy Henkyer Montero Muñoz, a Colombian footballer.

Fredy Montero (StreetView)
Fredy Montero

July 27, 1898 – Queen Mother Moore, an African-American civil rights leader and a black nationalist

Queen Mother Moore (StreetView)
Queen Mother Moore