This Week's Birthdays - Week of June 30

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June 30, 1985 – Trevor Anthony Ariza, an American professional basketball player.

Trevor Ariza (StreetView)
Trevor Ariza

July 1, 1807 – Thomas Green Clemson, an American politician and statesman, serving as an ambassador and the United States Superintendent of Agriculture.

Statue of Thomas Green Clemson (StreetView)
Statue of Thomas Green Clemson

July 2, 1900 – Sir William Tyrone Guthrie, an English theatrical director.

Tyrone Guthrie (StreetView)
Tyrone Guthrie

July 3, 1883 – Franz Kafka, a German-language writer of novels and short stories.

Franz Kafka (StreetView)
Franz Kafka

July 4, 1776 – The United States of America!!

US Flag on a city bus (StreetView)
US Flag on a city bus

July 5, 1801 – David Glasgow Farragut, a flag officer of the United States Navy during the American Civil War.

Admiral David Farragut (StreetView)
Admiral David Farragut

July 6, 1946 – George Walker Bush, an American politician and businessman who was the 43rd President of the United States.

George W. Bush (StreetView)
George W. Bush