This Week's Birthdays - Week of March 2

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March 2, 1760 – Lucie Simplice Camille Benoist Desmoulins , a French journalist and politician who played an important role in the French Revolution.

Camille Desmoulins Statue (StreetView)
Camille Desmoulins Statue

March 3, 1911 – Jean Harlow , an American film actress and sex symbol of the 1930s.

Jean Harlow (StreetView)
Jean Harlow

March 4, 1931 – Bob Johnson, a legendary ice hockey coach.

"Badger" Bob Johnson (StreetView)
"Badger" Bob Johnson

March 5, 1958 – Andy Gibb, English-Australian singer (d. 1988)

Andy Gibb's House (former) (Google Maps)
Andy Gibb's House (former)

March 6, 1927 – Leroy Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, Jr., an American astronaut.

'Mercury Seven' Astronauts (StreetView)
'Mercury Seven' Astronauts

March 7, 1932 – Lola Beltrán, a Mexican film actress and one of the most acclaimed Mexican ranchera singers, nicknamed Lola la Grande (“Lola the Great”).

Lola Beltrán statue (StreetView)
Lola Beltrán statue

March 8, 1900 – Howard Hathaway Aiken, a pioneer in computing, being the original conceptual designer behind IBM’s Harvard Mark I computer.

Howard H. Aiken (StreetView)
Howard H. Aiken