This Week's Birthdays - Week of May 19

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May 19, 1908 – Percy Williams, a Canadian athlete, winner of the 100 m and 200 m races at the 1928 Summer Olympics and former world record holder for the 100 metres sprint.

Percy Williams (StreetView)
Percy Williams

May 20, 1881 – Władysław Eugeniusz Sikorski, a Polish military and political leader.

General Władysław Sikorski (StreetView)
General Władysław Sikorski

May 21, 1850 – Gustav Lindenthal, a civil engineer who designed the Hell Gate Bridge in New York City, among other bridges.

Gustav Lindenthal (StreetView)
Gustav Lindenthal

May 22, 1946 – George Best,a Northern Irish professional footballer.

George Best (StreetView)
George Best

May 23, 1949 – Martin “The General” Cahill, a prominent Irish criminal from Dublin.

Martin"The General" Cahill's Former Home (Google Maps)
Martin"The General" Cahill's Former Home

May 24, 1941 – Bob Dylan is an American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, and writer.

Bob Dylan / Hard Rain (StreetView)
Bob Dylan / Hard Rain

May 25, 1968 – Stephen J. Powers, a New York City artist who at one time wrote graffiti in Philadelphia and New York under the name ESPO (“Exterior Surface Painting Outreach”).

'Miss You' by Steve Powers (StreetView)
'Miss You' by Steve Powers