This Week's Birthdays - Week of May 26

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Monday, May 26 2014 by

May 26, 1907, John Wayne, American actor.

John Wayne (StreetView)
John Wayne

May 27, 1876 – James Butler Hickok, better known as Wild Bill Hickok, a folk hero of the American Old West.

Wild Bill Hickok (StreetView)
Wild Bill Hickok

May 28, 1968 – Kylie Ann Minogue, often known simply as Kylie, an Australian singer, recording artist, songwriter and actress.

Kylie Minogue (StreetView)
Kylie Minogue

May 29, 1917 – John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy, often referred to by his initials JFK, the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his death in 1963.

President John F. Kennedy Memorial (StreetView)
President John F. Kennedy Memorial

May 30, 1876 – Vladimir Nazor, a Croatian poet and president of the National Anti-Fascist Council of the People’s Liberation of Croatia (ZAVNOH) founded in 1943.

Vladimir Nazor's statue (StreetView)
Vladimir Nazor's statue

May 31, 1943 – Joseph William “Joe” Namath, nicknamed “Broadway Joe” or “Joe Willie”, a former American football quarterback.

Joe Namath (StreetView)
Joe Namath

June 1, 1926 – Marilyn Monroe, an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol.

Marilyn Monroe (StreetView)
Marilyn Monroe