This Week's Birthdays - Week of October 17

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October 17, 1914 – Jerome “Jerry” Siegel, who also used pseudonyms including Joe Carter, Jerry Ess, and Herbert S. Fine, was the American co-creator of Superman.

Jerry Siegel's former house (StreetView)
Jerry Siegel's former house

October 18, 1939 – Lee Harvey Oswald, American alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy (d. 1963)

Kennedy Assassination Cenotaph (Birds Eye)
Kennedy Assassination Cenotaph

October 19, 1937 – Peter Max, American artist

Peter Max mural (Birds Eye)
Peter Max mural

October 20, 1971 – Snoop Dogg, American rapper

Snoop Dogg's House (Birds Eye)
Snoop Dogg's House

October 21, 1981 – Nemanja Vidić is a Serbian footballer who captains English Premier League club Manchester United and plays for the Serbian national team.

Nemanja Vidić - Manchester United (StreetView)
Nemanja Vidić - Manchester United

October 22, 1811 – Franz Liszt, Hungarian pianist and composer (d. 1886)

Franz Liszt birth house and museum (Google Maps)
Franz Liszt birth house and museum

October 23, 1893 – Gummo Marx, American actor (d. 1977)

Childhood home of The Marx Brothers (StreetView)
Childhood home of The Marx Brothers