People Doing Things

The scavenger hunt returns! This hunt is dedicated to the people. People doing things. We'll stick with Street View, Business View, and Photo Spheres in Google Street View.

The rules for this one are easy... no pictures, photos, or images. Everything has to be a person captured in Google's imagery. I only require that no two submissions for the same item come from the immediate, local geographic area.

Scavenger Hunts are contests to see who can find the most maps in a list of categories.

To participate, you simply submit maps as normal, then select the scavenger hunt category you are submitting to. Once a moderator approves your map, you automatically get points for that category.

The user with the most points at the end of the hunt wins!

The Scavenger Hunt will end at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, September 23.

Good luck and happy hunting!

This hunt ran from 2014-09-11 through 2014-09-23.

Final Standings:

  1. jdubble07 - 94 points
  2. tallturtle82 - 70 points
  3. Tyco - 38 points
  4. LancelotLink - 17 points
  5. WacoKidd110 - 11 points
  6. Mike1989 - 7 points
  7. Fab - 2 points
  8. fin - 2 points
  9. adrbr - 1 points


    1 Points
    • Person carrying a surfboard (4 maps)
    • Person carrying snow skis (1 maps)
    • Person cleaning up a mess
    • Person dancing in a club
    • Person doing yoga
    • Person eating while standing or walking (1 maps)
    • Person fishing (4 maps)
    • Person in a boxing ring
    • Person in a lab coat (2 maps)
    • Person on a balcony (1 maps)
    • Person on a ladder (2 maps)
    • Person on a rowing machine
    • Person on a tread mill (1 maps)
    • Person on an elliptical trainer (1 maps)
    • Person reading a book (1 maps)
    • Person riding a lawnmower
    • Person riding on scooter (1 maps)
    • Person selling hotdogs at a hotdog stand (1 maps)
    • Person snow skiing (3 maps)
    • Person surfing (3 maps)
    • Person swimming (1 maps)
    • Person using an iPad or other tablet (1 maps)
    • Person walking a dog (3 maps)
    • Person wearing a cap: MLB (3 maps)
    • Person wearing a cap: NBA
    • Person wearing a cap: NFL (1 maps)
    • Person wearing a shirt of a famous rock band (1 maps)
    • Person wearing a shirt of a football team (soccer)
    • Person wearing a shirt of a pop singer (Michael Jackson, Madonna etc.)
    • Person wearing a stethoscope
    • Person wearing jeans but no shirt (1 maps)
    • Person wearing medical scrubs (3 maps)
    • Person wearing tie dye shirt or dress
    • Students on a school bus (1 maps)
    2 Points
    • Busker posing as a statue
    • People riding a tandem bicycle
    • Person begging with a cardboard sign (1 maps)
    • Person cleaning a pool
    • Person driving an auto rickshaw (1 maps)
    • Person eating a turkey leg
    • Person making a selfie
    • Person on a crosswalk looking at their mobile phone (1 maps)
    • Person playing a a drum(s)
    • Person playing a guitar (1 maps)
    • Person pulling a beer from a beer tap (1 maps)
    • Person pushing a bicycle (2 maps)
    • Person pushing a motorcycle or scooter
    • Person raking leaves (1 maps)
    • Person riding a two wheeled recumbent bicycle (1 maps)
    • Person selling food from a cart (not in the US or Europe) (2 maps)
    • Person shoveling snow
    • Person smoking a pipe
    • Person throwing a dart
    • Person using a vending machine in Japan
    • Person washing a car (1 maps)
    • Person wearing a character costume at an amusement park
    • Person wearing a Hijab (3 maps)
    • Person wearing a jester's hat
    • Person wearing a military uniform (2 maps)
    • Person wearing a police uniform (2 maps)
    • Person wearing a top hat
    • Person wearing a tri-cornered hat (2 maps)
    • Person writing on a whiteboard
    • Postman putting mail in a mailbox (1 maps)
    3 Points
    • Artist sitting at an easel (2 maps)
    • People playing Frisbee (1 maps)
    • Person baking bread
    • Person building a sandcastle (1 maps)
    • Person butchering meat
    • Person changing a car tire
    • Person changing the letters on marquee or sign
    • Person cleaning windows above street level from a suspended platform
    • Person cutting meat off of a spit for a gyro
    • Person holding a bouquet of flowers
    • Person holding up clothes while looking in a mirror
    • Person in a safari vehicle in the African countryside (2 maps)
    • Person making a crepe (1 maps)
    • Person posing while 'holding' a landmark ( (2 maps)
    • Person sitting on another person
    • Person with a pet other than a dog or a cat (1 maps)
    • Professional American football players in a major league stadium (2 maps)
    • Professional soccer club players in their club stadium (2 maps)
    • Staff or docents in historical, period costumes at a museum or historical site (2 maps)
    • Waitstaff or bartender in costume
    • Worker on a cherry-picker (1 maps)
    4 Points
    • DJ mixing music (2 maps)
    • Fireman holding a hose
    • Monk standing near a temple (2 maps)
    • Person carrying an adult on their shoulders
    • Person doing a handstand or standing on their head
    • Person dressed up as a pirate (2 maps)
    • Person in a wedding dress (2 maps)
    • Person in riot gear
    • Person riding an elephant (1 maps)
    • Person sitting at a computer or laptop looking at a mobile phone (1 maps)
    • Person smoking a hookah (2 maps)
    • Person wearing a cosplay costume
    • Person wearing a maid café costume (1 maps)
    • Person wearing a steam-punk costume
    • Person with a gun but that is not wearing a uniform (3 maps)
    • Person working at an archaeological dig (2 maps)
    • Three or more people on a motor scooter (1 maps)
    5 Points
    • Couple getting married (1 maps)
    • People fencing or sword fighting
    • Person at a fast food drive thru serving the Google Car
    • Person being loaded into an ambulance (1 maps)
    • Person in hand cuffs or on the ground by the police
    • Person who can be identified by name (provide proof) (1 maps)
    • Person whose body is buried with sand and their head is sticking out (1 maps)
    • Police officer writing the Google Car driver a ticket
    • Woman in a hoop skirt (2 maps)


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105 maps submitted.

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