Since I'm not going to be here next Wednesday to wrap up and start a new safari I'm going to start a two week scavenger hunt.

This hunt's theme will be transportation. The rules are simple and there aren't a lot of special notes this time. Actual vehicles, pictures, ads, comics, murals, photos, etc. are all fair game. All mapping services can be used. I only ask that the vehicle be clear enough in the thumbnail to be unambiguously validated by the moderator. If the moderator needs a More Info link to validate the submission, please provide one.

I think we could easily have a few people max out the categories this time.

The Safari will end at 0700 UTC on Wed, July 3.

Good luck and happy hunting!

A few rules always apply:


* No or other geolocation sites may be used for More Info links.

* No photo only More Info links. The page linked to must have a relevant caption or description describing subject matter. i.e. not just a link to a jpg or png file.

* Generally if someone posts a category from one location, you may not post a submission for that same category that is related to the original submission.This hunt ran from 2013-06-20 through 2013-07-02.

Final Standings:

  1. WacoKidd110 - 121 points
  2. daggerwell - 106 points
  3. Mike1989 - 104 points
  4. kkeps - 104 points
  5. SpiderX22 - 79 points
  6. adrbr - 38 points
  7. Fab - 27 points
  8. Touringfmhome - 8 points
  9. Drudii - 7 points
  10. jdubble07 - 2 points


    1 Points 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points
    • Boeing 747 with identifiable aircraft number (2 maps)
    • Icebreaker (4 maps)
    • Land train with at least three trailers (4 maps)
    • LNG-Carrier ship (4 maps)
    • Penny farthing bicycle (7 maps)
    • Pink sports car (3 maps)
    • Submarine (6 maps)
    • WWII ambulance (1 maps)
    5 Points
    • Bomb disposal vehicle
    • Chinese junk (4 maps)
    • Gourmet food truck (i.e. not a standard taco truck) (4 maps)
    • Motorcycle with a sidecar (4 maps)
    • Racing team (any sport) support vehicle or transport truck (5 maps)
    • SWAT vehicle (3 maps)


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252 maps submitted.

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