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After hearing about this place for years amongst the IndyCar crowd, I made my first visit after a Brickyard practice session in May 2014. Overall, it did not live up to the hype. A few drive-ins where I live serve better food and better root beer, and I've never had two screaming kids (from two different families) disrupt my meal like I had on this visit.

I ordered an Italian sausage. I asked the waitress if it was hot (spicy) or mild, but she had no idea. When she asked me what toppings I wanted, I naturally asked for grilled onions and peppers. Not an option.... Just Wow.

What I received was a long, thin sausage patty on a hoagie bun. Not terrible, but not a true Italian sausage. Or maybe I'm spoiled by living in Wisconsin, where sausages and brats are done right. My friend rated his cheeseburger as average at best. From what I could see, I believe him.

Nothing was 'wrong' with their homemade root beer, but what I get from my local drive-in just has a richer, sweeter taste.

After we left, we both wished we would have hit a fast food drive-thru for a quick boring bite on our way back home. The extra time spent at Mug N Bun caused us to travel through a big thunderstorm in Chicago.