"Piccadilly Lilly" (B-17) at Chino Airport: Pics and Stories

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This is a photo of my grandfather's B-17 (231551) flying over Wendover, Utah sometime around Christmas, 1943. He and the plane shipped out that New Years Eve to join the fight against the Nazis, as part of the 457th Bomb Group's "Fireball Outfit" of the 8th Air Force. Among other things, my grandfather designed the group's insignia, seen here: http://www.web-birds.com/8th/457/457.html The group's base of operations was from Glatton, England. All told, the group flew 236 combat missions, losing 86 planes and 729 men, either killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Here are other sites dedicated to the 457th "Fireball Outfit:" http://www.457thbombgroup.org/ http://www.cloudnet.com/~jfb/

Boeing B-17 (231551) of the 457th Bomb Group