Plymouth Rock: Pics and Stories

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Some have called it "the most disappointing landmark in America". Plymouth Rock, believed to be the rock the Pilgrims first set foot on, is about a meter wide and half a meter high, with a few cracks filled in with concrete, and the number "1620" carved into one side. It lies in the sand beneath a grand portico (easily ten times its size in area and over 15 feet high) on the souvenir-shop-littered waterfront of Plymouth, MA.

You walk up, look down, see the rock, stare at it for a bit to see if you can find something interesting about it, and then lose interest. Presumably you then walk across the street to one of dozens of shops selling shirts and knick-knacks with something New Englandy on it.

All is not lost. Mayflower II is a short walk up the street, and Plimoth Plantation is barely the next town over.