'Whale Tails' by Jim Sardonis: Pics and Stories

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We have been big fans of this sculpture since it was located on a hilltop in Randolph Vermont. My kids grew up playing around it, and we were all very sad when it was moved to the much less accessible current location by the side of the interstate. It is neat to see on trips to Burlington, but is no longer a place where children can play unless you count the vandals who once spraypainted the tails fluorescent pink and orange. Fortunately they were cleaned and restored to their former glory.

For years now I've wanted to do a photoshoot with the tails. I bellydance, and the tails make a very unique backdrop, particularly in a landlocked state. Recently I finally had the chance to do this, although technically it is illegal since it is against the law to park on the side of the highway unless its an emergency. The photo I uploaded is one from that series of shots and I think it was well worth the risk of a ticket, not to mention freezing my tush off in the rain. The shot was taken by my daughter, an aspiring professional photographer.