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Governor: Parabellum
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"Bronze Bull, Durham" by Leah Foushee and Michael Waller
"Brown's Pottery"
"Dawson's Creek" house
"Disaster Girl" meme photo location
"Empire Records" Filming Location Empire Record Store
"Iron Mike" statue
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair's House
"Old Baldy" Lighthouse
"Roni´s Pizza"
"Stuck in Love" beach house
'121 West Trade' by KPF
'615 South College' by John Portman
'Askew' by Roxy Paine
'Aspire' by Jon Hair
'Bechtler Museum of Modern Art' by Mario Botta
'Ben Matlock's House'
'Biltmore Building' by I.M. Pei
'Black Mountain College' by A. Lawrence Kocher
'Burroughs Wellcome Headquarters' by Paul Rudolph
'Campion' by STITCH Design Shop
'Can Opener Bridge' railroad trestle
'Carry Forward' by Joey Manson
'Christ Episcopal Church' by Richard Upjohn
'Climax - High Point'
'Collapse I' by Ledelle Moe
'Comet' by James Westerman
'Conversations' by Richard Hunt
'Crossroads/Trickster' by Martha Jackson-Jarvis
'Curvaceous Kiss' by Russ RuBert
'District 12' set from "The Hunger Games"
'Energy Loop' by Derek Cruiser
'Fenestrae Aeteritatis' by Jon Barlow Hudson
'Firebird' by Michael Dillon
'Frankel Residence' by Ray Kappe
'Gnomon' by Thomas Sayre
'Grande Disco' by Arnaldo Pomodoro
'Gravely Khachatoorian Residence' by Kenneth Hobgood
'Group of Ten' by Magdalena Abakanowicz
'Gyre' by Thomas Sayre
'Helix/R' by John Reitta
'Hermitage Rd Residence' by Kenneth Hobgood
'Homage to Rodin' by Wiliam Tucker
'Hovering' by Charles O Perry
'Jamie Sullivan's House'
'Journey to the top of Looking Glass' by Kyle Van Lusk
'Knight House' by Alden B. Dow
'L'America' by David McConnell
'Light + Time Tower' by Dale Eldred
'Light + Time Tower' by Dale Eldred
'Liquid Order' by Jun Kaneko
'Lowe's Park Pavilion' by Mike Cindric and Vincent Petrarca
'Morph Rocker' by Brandon Jones
'Mushroom Canopies' by Eliot Noyes
'Nature/Nurture, Nurture/Nature' by Page Laughlin
'North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center' by Cesar Pelli
'Number 13' by Daniel Nevins
'Number 14' by Daniel Nevins
'Ogromna' by Ursula von Rydingsvard
'Paletz Moi Residence' by Kenneth Hobgood
'Picture This' by Barbara Krueger, Tim Smith-Miller, Laurie Hawkinson & Nicholas Quennell
'Quadrille' by Michael Hayden
'Quest' by Johanna Jordan
'Real Fake' by Scott Reeder
'Reconstructed Dwelling' by Dennis Oppenheim
'Red Fields' by Sarah West
'Round Pumps' by Eliot Noyes
'S' Bridge
'Schwartz-Butters Athletic Center' by Cesar Pelli
'Series 4 #5' by Stephen Porter
'Southern Bend' by Stephen Porter
'St. Mary's Chapel' by Richard Upjohn
'Sun target' by John Henry
'The Box on Cox' by Harwell Hamilton Harris
'The Conversationalist' by Chakaia Booker
'The Garden' by Jerry Peart
'The Garden' by Jerry Peart
'The Triangle Icon' by Wellington Reiter
'The Triangle Icon' by Wellington Reiter
'The Writer's Desk' by Larry Kirkland
'Timaeus Pentagon' by Robert Maki
'Trinity' by Wayne Trapp
'Triple Arc I' by James Rosati
'Trojan Ocarina' by Judith Greavu
'Two Angled Forms' by James Rosati
'Two Angled Forms' by James Rosati
'Untitled (Black Fettucine)' by Scott Reeder
'Untitled (Cooked Pasta on Linen)' by Scott Reeder
'Untitled' by Joel Shapiro
'Untitled' by Scott Reeder
'Weizenblatt House' by Marcel Breuer
'Welcome to North Carolina'
'Welcome to North Carolina'
'West Wind Sentinel' by Mike Roig
'Westin Charlotte' by John Portman
'Wet Quintet' by Alfredo Halegua
'Whispering Bench' by John Gallucci
'Wind Machine' by Vollis Simpson
'Wind Silos' by Ned Kahn
'Wind Whisper' by Wayne Trapp
'You' by Antony Gormley