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IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-27 22:59:19
IndyFan032589 pictureJohn Gotti's Home(Former)
I'm pretty hidden. LOL
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-24 19:49:55
IndyFan032589 pictureMatt Williams' house (former)
Wow!! That's massive!
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-23 14:31:54
IndyFan032589 pictureScarface Mansion
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-13 19:47:53
IndyFan032589 pictureMatthew Fox's Home (former)
I gave them the lead on the listing. LOL
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-07 16:11:28
IndyFan032589 pictureRick Carlisle's House
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-07 15:49:14
IndyFan032589 picturePhallic prank in football field
LOL...I saw this the other day on Gizmodo.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-07 12:43:50
IndyFan032589 pictureReggie Miller's House

Reggie is selling the home for $7.5M. He plans to buy a smaller home once this one sells, b/c he's not in the area as much as he was.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-12-06 23:36:33
IndyFan032589 pictureDavid Justice's House
This home was destroyed by the San Diego wildfires.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-11-24 11:39:20
IndyFan032589 pictureKaley Cuoco's house (former)
Awesome, thanks!!
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-11-19 07:43:42
IndyFan032589 pictureJohnny Cash's Childhood Home
Very Cool!!!
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-11-15 23:21:11
IndyFan032589 pictureGreg Oden's Home (former)
Why? I'm not from the area.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-10-14 03:56:56
IndyFan032589 pictureIsiah Thomas' House
Stephon Marbury lives on the next street over but I've never been able to pinpoint the exact home.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-09-04 06:02:07
IndyFan032589 pictureDanny DeVito & Rhea Perlman's House (former)
Yes, it's still for sale. $31.9M
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-09-02 06:29:30
IndyFan032589 pictureZydrunas Ilgauskas' House
Cool. You found which one it was.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-21 12:04:27
IndyFan032589 pictureHulk Hogan's House (former)
Hollywood producer Michael Bay just purchased this home at just under the asking price of $18.9M.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-18 16:50:41
IndyFan032589 pictureSkull and Bones - Yale University
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-08 09:18:53
IndyFan032589 pictureSeth Rogen's House
Seth paid $1.65M for it in Oct. 06
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-06 12:53:07
IndyFan032589 pictureA.J. Foyt's House
Yes this is the same ranch. It's in Waller County, the town over from his is Waller. If you look at the map you can see a lake or two on his property.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-02 21:04:00
IndyFan032589 pictureDanica Patrick's House
OK, I guess she moved to a bigger place in the same community.
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-02 21:03:18
IndyFan032589 pictureDanica Patrick's House
That's an awesome house. Thanks!!!
IndyFan032589 @ 2007-08-01 18:00:14
IndyFan032589 pictureReggie Wayne's House
I just took a break for a while, I have tons more too add and yes Marvin is one of them.

Person sold his Geist home after it being on the market for well over a year. IDK where he lives now.