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LancelotLink @ 2015-09-09 09:50:12
LancelotLink pictureGiant dog mural
Mural done by 'Boe' & 'Irony'
LancelotLink @ 2015-02-19 07:13:25
LancelotLink pictureUli Hoeneß' House
With labels on, Google Maps shows this house as the location of his company, Uli Hoeneß GmbH.
LancelotLink @ 2014-12-13 00:19:56
LancelotLink pictureGraffiti in Doel
LancelotLink @ 2014-11-14 11:49:35
LancelotLink pictureStatue of Liberty National Monument
Liberty Island now available on Street View.
LancelotLink @ 2014-09-11 09:40:06
LancelotLink pictureFood Cart
Don't you dare submit one of the numerous nearby elephants carrying people for the hunt!
LancelotLink @ 2014-05-21 15:59:28
LancelotLink pictureRalph Earnhardt's House...Dale Earnhardt Sr's Father
In Street View there is a van from a NASCAR tour operator sitting on Sedan Ave. across the street from the house.
LancelotLink @ 2014-04-03 03:18:00
LancelotLink pictureDariusz Milek's House
The place appears to have some sort of moat. Really blends in well with the rest of the neighborhood.
LancelotLink @ 2014-02-20 03:11:03
LancelotLink pictureIron pillar of Delhi
LancelotLink @ 2014-02-20 02:57:15
LancelotLink pictureJantar Mantar
LancelotLink @ 2014-02-20 02:51:24
LancelotLink pictureRed Fort
LancelotLink @ 2014-02-20 02:42:43
LancelotLink pictureTaj Mahal
LancelotLink @ 2014-02-19 22:29:42
LancelotLink pictureRachael Ray's house
What house?
LancelotLink @ 2013-05-20 23:30:09
LancelotLink pictureFerrari
It's been booted!
LancelotLink @ 2013-04-27 10:34:04
LancelotLink pictureCharlene de Carvalho-Heineken's House
Love the name of the road. Turn labels on.
LancelotLink @ 2012-12-08 00:36:57
LancelotLink pictureVan Gogh's "The Starry Night"
Updated URL...,-73.976408&spn=0.00234,0.003889&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=40.761578,-73.977371&panoid=CA0D6alRhu_m4-yQVe3gYQ&cbp=13,118.5,,1,9.2
LancelotLink @ 2012-10-12 08:03:08
LancelotLink pictureLargo di Torre Argentina
LancelotLink @ 2012-07-19 14:52:53
LancelotLink pictureRolls Royce Silver Cloud
Looks like a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.
LancelotLink @ 2012-04-16 15:56:16
LancelotLink picturePlane of Janet airline (Flights to Area 51)
Cool find!
LancelotLink @ 2012-03-04 15:37:54
LancelotLink pictureBentley Continental Flying Spur x2
Oligarchy is alive and well in Russia (to the dismay of the old Communists turning over in their graves).
LancelotLink @ 2012-01-01 08:19:55
LancelotLink pictureMacquarie Lighthouse
LancelotLink @ 2011-11-26 05:10:21
LancelotLink pictureGravensteen
LancelotLink @ 2011-10-28 10:21:29
LancelotLink pictureGraffiti by Banksy
LancelotLink @ 2011-10-27 14:41:34
LancelotLink pictureGraffiti by Blu
LancelotLink @ 2011-10-18 14:43:49
LancelotLink pictureOstriches
Just noticed, the one on left looks as if he's levitating.
LancelotLink @ 2011-09-21 06:19:48
LancelotLink pictureDerwent River, Tasmania
Cool shot, I dig the scenic and picturesque stuff.
LancelotLink @ 2011-09-16 17:26:21
LancelotLink pictureHonolulu Fire Department - Ladder 7 Tiller Truck
Check out the surfboard on the back.
LancelotLink @ 2011-08-12 04:59:24
LancelotLink pictureShip Build in Progress
Not looking for credit for the hunt. Just thought is was cool.
LancelotLink @ 2011-07-25 09:14:39
LancelotLink pictureHello Google!
That kid is wearing a Bad Brains t-shirt...
LancelotLink @ 2011-07-22 15:45:34
LancelotLink pictureFord Mustang
Ford Mustang '71-'73
LancelotLink @ 2011-07-09 15:06:55
LancelotLink pictureKite in Flight
Pan around this scene and check the powerlines. Whole lotta debris where some other kites have met their maker.
LancelotLink @ 2011-07-01 08:22:03
LancelotLink pictureMummy graffiti
There is some really good graffiti along the length of this wall.
LancelotLink @ 2011-04-23 14:45:16
LancelotLink pictureWoman carrying sofa
Surely a chair, no?
LancelotLink @ 2011-04-13 13:02:00
LancelotLink pictureFerrari 250 Europa
Looks like a Ferrari 250 Europa
LancelotLink @ 2011-03-31 11:47:51
LancelotLink pictureHelo with prop wash
Looks like two hovercraft parked next to the helipad.
LancelotLink @ 2011-03-15 14:26:42
LancelotLink picturePeek-a-boo Horse
This one made me laugh.... and no blur!
LancelotLink @ 2011-03-08 09:10:04
LancelotLink pictureGame Day in City of Manchester Stadium
That's Tomasz Kuszczak the no. 2 keeper for Manchester Utd.
LancelotLink @ 2011-01-08 05:05:12
LancelotLink pictureBad Boy Entertainment
Excellent location... right next to a Ray's Pizzeria!
LancelotLink @ 2011-01-01 06:15:09
LancelotLink pictureBurton Albion F.C.
LancelotLink @ 2010-12-28 16:46:24
LancelotLink pictureRAF Gaydon (closed)
Now home to Aston Martin and Land Rover companies.
LancelotLink @ 2010-12-19 13:22:14
LancelotLink pictureClassic Jaguar
1961? Jaguar.
LancelotLink @ 2010-12-11 11:57:04
LancelotLink pictureWoman wearing a face mask
Thwarted the blur!
LancelotLink @ 2010-11-22 17:32:35
LancelotLink pictureOutline of a Reichsadler on a Burger King
This building was a transformer building (Umspannwerk) that supplied the electricity needed to power the searchlights that surrounded the Zeppelinfeld. More info...
LancelotLink @ 2010-11-19 07:25:22
LancelotLink pictureWillys
Cool find!
LancelotLink @ 2010-11-11 04:53:48
LancelotLink picture$ 1451597
The most expensive Ford on the planet. Must have some super modifications!
LancelotLink @ 2010-11-04 05:57:30
LancelotLink pictureBP Pedestrian Bridge
Not exactly the most efficient of getting from point A to point B.
LancelotLink @ 2010-10-26 17:23:56
LancelotLink picture"Mater" Truck
"Cars" director John Lasseter and Pixar's John Ranfit saw this truck while traveling historic Route 66 and used it as inspiration for the character, Tow Mater.
LancelotLink @ 2010-10-21 09:39:24
LancelotLink pictureAbandoned housing project
They've been torn down. Was hoping to get a street view of these but they're gone in SV.
LancelotLink @ 2010-10-09 19:44:36
LancelotLink pictureNap!
Good to see road crews are the same the world over.
LancelotLink @ 2010-10-09 19:41:58
LancelotLink pictureHorse eating garbage
This is a truly bizarre scene. Pan around and you'll see the absurdity of it all.
LancelotLink @ 2010-09-30 02:15:48
LancelotLink pictureKisstadion
Gene Simmons just slaps the band name on everything....
LancelotLink @ 2010-09-07 09:54:31
LancelotLink pictureDe Berk Windmill
De Berk is the name of this windmill.
LancelotLink @ 2010-08-04 16:43:16
LancelotLink pictureUnfinished obelisk
Awesome find!
LancelotLink @ 2010-07-28 19:34:52
LancelotLink pictureJustin Chien's House
Pulling teeth reaps this kind of reward?
LancelotLink @ 2010-07-12 07:44:31
LancelotLink pictureRoman amphitheatre
LancelotLink @ 2010-07-11 16:21:49
LancelotLink pictureKent Foster's house
Building these mansions this close together just baffles me.
LancelotLink @ 2010-07-04 14:46:07
LancelotLink pictureSimon Cowell's House
Pan to the north and you'll see a Starline tour van going by.
LancelotLink @ 2010-06-17 11:22:46
LancelotLink pictureMount Pony - Federal Bunker
This now part of the Library of Congress. The campus is designed to act as a single site to store all of the library's movie, television, and sound collections.
LancelotLink @ 2010-06-08 17:42:09
LancelotLink pictureSlum in Johannesburg
Looks like the kids are headed to school.
LancelotLink @ 2010-06-07 10:28:26
LancelotLink pictureManchester Velodrome
This velodrome is built on the former location of Newton Heath Football Club (later known as Manchester United) football grounds called Bank Street.
LancelotLink @ 2010-05-30 16:33:41
LancelotLink pictureLee Chapel burial place of Gen. Robert E. Lee
The remains of Gen. Lee's beloved horse, Traveller, are interred in a plot just outside the museum entrance.
LancelotLink @ 2010-05-18 18:24:40
LancelotLink pictureTexas Chainsaw Massacre House
This is the original house used in TCM, however, it has been moved to this location. I have found the original house location which is in Round Rock, TX. I have submitted it's map.
LancelotLink @ 2010-05-07 12:06:21
LancelotLink pictureWayne Rooney's House
Wes Brown and Owen Hargreaves both built homes in the lots behind (NW) of Rooney.
LancelotLink @ 2010-03-26 04:32:55
LancelotLink pictureUnidentified Government Facility
This place is certainly part of Ft. Belvoir (US Army) which is home to the Defense Technical Information Center, the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
LancelotLink @ 2010-03-23 12:15:46
LancelotLink picturePeter Falk's House
Check out the gut truck at the house next door. Yummy!
LancelotLink @ 2010-03-23 09:59:25
LancelotLink pictureAudi R8
Manchester Utd. footballer, Anderson owns an R8 with same color scheme. Maybe Sir Alex borrowed it for a spin around Wilmslow.
LancelotLink @ 2010-03-05 09:37:10
LancelotLink pictureChevrolet Corvette C2
Corvette. '66?
LancelotLink @ 2010-01-11 11:45:39
LancelotLink pictureFritz Kundrun's house
Nice mosquito breeding ground he's got going in the back yard.
LancelotLink @ 2010-01-08 06:34:11
LancelotLink pictureHome/Studio of Jean-François Millet (1849-1875)
Nice Porsche 911 to the left there.
LancelotLink @ 2009-12-18 12:53:06
LancelotLink pictureThird Reich architect Albert Speer's house and studio
This location is the studio, Speer's house is immediately to the south.
LancelotLink @ 2009-11-23 19:21:06
LancelotLink picture1860
Ha... 1860 Munich graffiti on FC Bayern's turf.
LancelotLink @ 2009-11-18 07:40:29
LancelotLink pictureBamberger Dom
Pope Clement II (1005 – October 9, 1047) is buried here. His is the only tomb of a Pope north of the Alps.
LancelotLink @ 2009-11-18 07:29:18
LancelotLink pictureThomaskirche
Johann Sebastian Bach is buried in this church.
LancelotLink @ 2009-10-30 13:10:49
LancelotLink pictureIan Fleming's house (former)
LancelotLink @ 2009-10-30 13:10:33
LancelotLink pictureBram Stoker's house (former)
LancelotLink @ 2009-10-30 13:10:18
LancelotLink pictureVincent Van Gogh's house (former)