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Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

We have visited Palazzo Falson as part of our one-day trip to Mdina. The palazzo offers a unique experience, revealing a peak to the Maltese nobility of the past. It is a true treasure trove with personal collections of a world-citizen, Olof Gollcher. Feel free to view the whole travel story at

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

Hooker Valley

Hooker Valley
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The photo was taken from the shore of Hooker Glacier Lake, in October 2018 and this is exactly where Hooker Track Hike terminates. Visitors can take a really close look at the icebergs floating on the glacier lake and also view Aoraki/ Mt. Cook on the opposite side of the lake. Feel free to view the full travel story about Hooker Valley Track at

Hooker Lake - Hooker Glacier Terminus, photo courtesy of Miles with Vibes

Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple
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Sri Mariamman Temple is one of those landmarks that you visit and never forget. It is a true taste of Tamil traditions and adds an additional layer of culture to the whole city of Singapore. Kitsch plasterwork, colourful paintings, magnificent statues — what more can you ask? Feel free to read the full story at

The majestic gopuram of Sri Mariamman Temple

Milford Sound aka Piopiotahi

Milford Sound is one of the most visited locations in New Zealand. And for many reasons! Pristine landmasses of gigantic proportions and waterfalls reaching 162 meters, diverse wildlife and the glorious Mitre Peak standing proud, sharp as a razor. Discover more reasons to pay a visit to the fjord (yes, it is not a sound) at

Stirling Falls at Milford Sound
Lady Bowen Falls at Milford Sound

Hobbiton- The Lord of the Rings Movie Set

Hobbiton movie set was a highlight of my visit to New Zealand and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Being a true fan of Tolkien's Middle-Earth since I was a young hobbit, I simply couldn't afford missing it. From the time you set foot in Hobbiton Movie Set you instantly time-travel back to the past. It's just you, rolling emerald hills, colourful hobbit holes and ... sheep. One of the best parts of the guided tour was The Green Dragon Inn. Grab your pint of hobbit (local) beer, sit by the fireplace and enjoy your drink, watching the lake and the picturesque old mill next to the arched bridge. It simply can't get any better!
I have written an article about Hobbiton, my own little tribute to my childhood fantasyland, with pictures and more information. Feel free to have a look at

Hobbiton Movies Set is truly a colourful fairytale