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charlene @ 2005-06-15 04:12:45
charlene pictureAlien Civilization? (Effect gone now)
Intel inside....Missouri??
charlene @ 2005-05-15 18:56:17
charlene picture(UFO) Unidentified Flying Orb
It's clearly not a 'water droplet' or any other image fault, since the surface of whatever-it-is reflects the sun at the same angle as the ground images do.

Weather balloons are pretty small, though. Hm. Could it be some kind of experimental aircraft? The Palm Beach Airport is directly south.
charlene @ 2005-05-13 22:33:21
charlene pictureAirplane in trouble at JFK
I don't know. I thought it was an optical illusion caused by sunlight directly hitting the rudder.

Doesn't look like a fire to me; if it were a fire, you're right, the crews would not be so far from the aircraft, and they would have sprayed foam around it by the time the entire truck committee had gotten there. Also, there are no reports of an aircraft fire at JFK in the past five years.

It might be a training exercise, a medical emergency, a security emergency...