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doitsurt @ 2006-10-24 17:05:47
doitsurt pictureBurggi aaff
I guess it should say "Burggraaff", which is a Dutch name.
I tried Google:

The first link is a company, which address matches the location you've given. Perhaps it's the storage hall for the constructionmaterials.
So there you have it. :)
doitsurt @ 2006-10-23 15:23:27
doitsurt pictureRailway Station Arnhem
I'm trying to submit every railway station in The Netherlands...

I'll keep that in mind for the following submissions.
doitsurt @ 2006-10-21 12:32:17
doitsurt pictureBasilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls
Thanks! :)
doitsurt @ 2006-10-20 17:55:43
doitsurt pictureTomba di Cecilia Metella
Thanks. :)
I've had a great time there...

In my haste and enthousiasm I've forgotten to rotate my pictures... I only realised it when I saw them online.
Even now, I've sent in a duplicate... :S
doitsurt @ 2006-08-22 10:29:06
doitsurt pictureMuiderslot