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Austin Texas was terrorized for 3 weeks in March, 2018 by serial bomber, Mark Antonio Conditt. Planted 3 bombs which exploded and killed two and injured four. He shipped two bombs by FedEx one of which exploded in a FedEx facility near San Antonio, injuring one, and the other bomb was found in a FedEx facility near the Austin airport. He detonated his final bomb inside his car killing himself as SWAT officers were approaching. One SWAT officer was injured.
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Fujian Tulou is a property of 46 buildings constructed between the 15th and 20th centuries over 120 km in south-west of Fujian province, inland from the Taiwan Strait. These ten maps are the individual buildings and clusters included in the inscription.
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A group of Neolithic monuments on the Orkney Islands.
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Magic Water Taps are Public Art/Fountains which appear to be hanging freely in the air, have no apparent plumbing, yet deliver a constant stream of water. If you find any other Magic taps, please submit new maps, and I will add them to this collection.
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