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nic @ 2016-11-01 13:46:32
nic picturePreviously abandoned Disney World resort
Recent thumbnail updates show progress!
nic @ 2014-11-06 18:42:53
nic pictureChateau Pensmore
Do tell!
nic @ 2014-07-11 08:10:24
nic pictureChatillon Car Graveyard
Anonymous, do you have any links for more information?
nic @ 2014-06-15 21:08:38
nic pictureNorth Sentinel Island
It's strange how consistently covered the island is with trees.
nic @ 2014-06-13 07:08:36
nic pictureHouse About to Fall into Lake Whitney
Crazy. Hope to see some footage of it :)
nic @ 2014-05-31 09:31:53
nic pictureEmerald Bay State Park
Really beautiful scenery
nic @ 2014-05-07 11:10:44
nic pictureQuick Stop Groceries ("Clerks")
All the street hockey was destroying all the windows
nic @ 2014-04-23 06:27:02
nic pictureSunset from Chocolate Hills
Absolutely agree, great catch!
nic @ 2014-04-14 07:03:43
nic pictureAbandoned 59th GRAU arsenal
This listing was previously listed as "Russian Military Base". Many thanks to Fab who investigated and found out what it really was.
nic @ 2014-04-14 07:02:06
nic pictureGoogle Maps in Google Streetview
If only they were open to the same Street View imagery as they're looking at. That would probably cause a rift in the Matrix at least.
nic @ 2013-12-04 09:11:50
nic pictureArlit Uranium Mine
This thing appears to literally be in the middle of nowhere.
nic @ 2013-11-27 14:10:33
nic pictureTeller-Morrow Automotive ("Sons of Anarchy" filming location)
The name on the building says "Occidental Studios 5A"
nic @ 2013-11-27 12:29:01
nic pictureChateau Pensmore
The imagery has been updated in Google but it's still nowhere near complete
nic @ 2013-11-27 09:33:47
nic pictureArea 51 helipad
Nothing to see here.. move along..

Can anyone tell what type of choppers those are?
nic @ 2013-11-27 09:31:47
nic pictureDavid & Victoria Beckham's house
It's really hard to pick that house out amongst all of the other dozens of identical looking homes!
nic @ 2013-11-25 19:50:51
nic pictureFind-It #28
nic @ 2013-11-25 19:28:14
nic pictureFedEx Boeing 727 [N288FE] Stuck in Mud
Time to turn on the engines full-throttle and see what happens!
nic @ 2013-11-25 19:21:13
nic pictureVery good censoring job
Note it no longer appears photoshopped.
nic @ 2013-11-25 13:00:00
nic pictureThe Alamo
It's nice to finally get some Street View images of the place.
nic @ 2013-11-25 12:57:26
nic pictureChristian Science Dixon
nic @ 2013-11-25 12:25:06
nic pictureMichael Jordan's Gate
nic @ 2013-11-25 12:22:21
nic pictureWedding
Wow, how'd you sleuth that one?
nic @ 2013-11-25 10:15:17
nic pictureGuy Walking In House Shoes And Not Paying Attention
Carrying a crock-pot?
nic @ 2013-09-24 21:34:27
nic pictureBullseye ?
I don't think it's the water treatment plant. Check out this YouTube video:

Which looks like this to the southwest of the base:,-121.424139&spn=0.008452,0.013078&t=h&z=17...
nic @ 2013-01-24 21:27:00
nic pictureSpace Shuttle Enterprise on board USS Intrepid
Way cool
nic @ 2012-10-24 21:43:37
nic pictureWater buffalo
Bow chicka wow wow
nic @ 2011-11-14 14:18:17
nic pictureMore strange lines on a mountain
Long time listener! :)
nic @ 2011-07-27 00:10:26
nic pictureAlmost hit?
Do I see a raised finger too? :)
nic @ 2011-07-14 22:14:33
nic pictureChateau Pensmore
Great find! Man, that thing is huge.
nic @ 2011-07-02 07:06:08
nic picturePassage du Gois
This is beautiful, looks like a painting!
nic @ 2011-05-31 22:23:34
nic pictureJim Tressel's House
Hail to the Victors.

He was a formidable opponent. Sad to see him leave in this fashion.
nic @ 2010-12-19 20:26:28
nic pictureOil rig
You may need to look at the historical imagery in Google Earth to see the oil rig.
nic @ 2010-10-21 22:56:34
nic pictureNorth Dumpling Island
nic @ 2009-11-18 23:20:04
nic pictureTewksbury Country Club
Thanks, Submission page updated to "fix" the URL so the system understands it. Long-term solution is being discussed. I've updated the URL here to work.
nic @ 2009-09-09 01:11:20
nic pictureWhat is he doing?
His knee looks blurred out like Google is trying to blur out a head. Cleaning up from camping on the beach?
nic @ 2009-01-03 22:16:57
nic pictureBMW E46 M3 (Phoenix Yellow)
Renamed to "BMW E46 M3"

E46 = model year
Can't tell if this is a coupe or the convertible, so removed "coupe"
nic @ 2008-10-09 00:38:46
nic pictureRAF Ventnor Radar Station
More here with photos:
nic @ 2008-10-04 19:57:17
nic pictureHeart shaped island
Your recent heart-themed submissions are sweet!
nic @ 2007-08-22 01:01:47
nic pictureJill Collins' house
Phil Collins' agent contacted me to clarify that this is Jill Collins, his ex-wife's house
nic @ 2007-07-16 10:13:14
nic pictureCrop Duster
Wow, nice catch!
nic @ 2007-05-22 14:32:16
nic pictureBaltimore Nipper
I've re-added the category. Thanks for your submission boothy, and us moderators will try to be clearer with our intentions in the next hunt!
nic @ 2007-05-03 19:33:05
nic pictureParaglider
Man you are on top of this scavenger hunt! :)
nic @ 2007-04-28 23:54:48
nic picturePirate ship
nic @ 2007-04-28 23:54:22
nic picture8 FERRARI in luxury villa Beverly Hills
That sure is a lot of yellow!
nic @ 2007-01-24 01:50:14
nic pictureItalian amphibious carrier
So they've covered it up in LL by pretending it's farmland?
nic @ 2006-06-12 23:13:04
nic pictureRed Hook Brewery
I love this place
nic @ 2006-05-07 19:46:15
nic pictureSainte-Chapelle
I had the chance two new-years' ago to visit as well, simply beautiful.
nic @ 2006-04-01 02:00:27
nic pictureHouses and roads going over the top
We've come a long way!
nic @ 2006-02-22 17:05:16
nic pictureSmiley face roof
nic @ 2006-02-10 00:14:32
nic picture320th and Pacific Highway
Heh, reading this as I'm heading out the door to pickup my girlfriend from SeaTac :)
nic @ 2006-01-30 02:50:02
nic pictureMan in African village waving at the camera
What's up with these random very high res shots in random places in Africa?
nic @ 2006-01-28 03:48:42
nic pictureTwo people holding hands
What an awesome view
nic @ 2005-11-29 01:35:58
nic pictureBMW M3 Regensburg Plant
Haha, beautiful
nic @ 2005-11-21 17:02:34
nic pictureTennis court community
Alex (b3uk) -- I'm glad you and the others at Sightseeing feel the same about this as us.

We appreciate all of the work you do at Sightseeing, and hope you stop by here some times as well!
nic @ 2005-11-21 15:27:37
nic pictureTennis court community
I would also like to point out there are over 11,000 maps posted to this site. So yes, there is a lot of hard-working people working to find great sights!
nic @ 2005-11-14 18:56:45
nic pictureKevin
You're an amazing asset to the site, Kevin!
nic @ 2005-11-14 01:43:17
nic pictureMcDonald's
Don't encourage him :)
nic @ 2005-05-20 09:14:31
nic pictureNeverland Ranch
No comments about his trial, please
nic @ 2005-04-27 00:37:48
nic pictureBam Margera's House
Updated unless someone can confirm otherwise.

Here is the old link:,-75.587869&sll=39.872346,-75.592428&spn=0.005354,0.007575&sspn=0.005354,0.007575&t=k&hl=en