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Houses from the 1997 book published by Universe Publishing missing (2020-09): 'Tarzana House' by Koning Eizenberg
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Andrew Geller (1924 - 2011) was a modernist architect working for the Loewy/Snaith firm who famously created funky, low-cost weekend cottages in and around New England. With his moonlighting encouraged by Loewy/Snaith, Geller's innovative construction techniques continued to surprise residents of Hamptons throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Many of the structures have been torn down or replaced by larger, sturdier homes. Those that remain are remarkable examples of his style.
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In the early 1950’s, three organizations–The British Columbia Lumber Manufacturer’s Association, the Plywood Manufacturers’ Association of British Columbia, and the Consolidated Red Cedar Shingle Association of British Columbia created a new coalition called Western Woods to highlight their products. In order to increase market share, Western Woods began the Trend House program which would showcase their wood products in modern and affordable homes from coast to coast in major Canadian cities. The first Trend House was built in Etobicoke, Ontario in 1952 and was so popular that they enlisted local, regional architects to design 10 more homes. Many of the 11 houses still exist although a few have had expected alterations. Etobicoke=Demolished Edmonton=Demolished Montreal=Demolished
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A collection of street view maps featuring the sculpture of husband and wife team, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen
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Lots of modern houses that function as museums, bed and breakfasts or offer tours
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A collection of public sculpture by Lyman Kipp
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This is a street view collection of sculpture by Mark di Suvero
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A small collection of private museums in the United States
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The longstanding prize – named after the renowned British architect, RIBA president and Royal Academician Michael Manser – partners with the AJ Architecture Awards (AJAAs) to recognize the best completed house in the UK. The annual award started in 2002 and continues even after Manser's passing in 2016. The only house not located is 2012 'Maison L' by Christian Pottgiesser, Architectures Possibles (CPAP) in Versailles, FR
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The architecture of Steven Holl
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Examples of John Lautner's buildings
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Architectural Masterworks since 1900 by Dominic Bradbury pub. Thames and Hudson 2020