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psycho_roy @ 2005-08-11 22:51:02
psycho_roy pictureRoy's Place
something tells me i might like that place...
psycho_roy @ 2005-08-02 16:14:23
psycho_roy pictureLas Vegas Casinos
Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, New Yor New York, Tropicana and MGM Grand
(The Montecarlo is out of the frame)
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-19 23:49:22
psycho_roy pictureOver-The-Horizon Radar - Christmas Valley
...and hundreds die every day cause they dont have anything to eat...
1.5 billion... anyways...
... millions without shelter, or without medical attention...
1.5 billion... anyways...
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-18 19:47:10
psycho_roy pictureFires in Santa Fe, Argentina
"South America" is too general and vague.

Those fires are in The Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

So the appropiate title should be "Fires in Santa Fe, Argentina"
or "Fires in Argentina" if you want...
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-17 22:27:58
psycho_roy pictureLittle Rock Air Force Base
Je... I knew... but I couldnt help making that comment...
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-17 11:29:23
psycho_roy pictureYacyretá
Así es.
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-17 11:24:54
psycho_roy pictureLittle Rock Air Force Base
This, for Christsake, is not in Argentina.
Or there are US military Bases in Argentina???
Please, God, no!!!
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-17 11:20:36
psycho_roy pictureComplejo Penitenciario Federal I
psycho_roy @ 2005-07-02 13:04:47
psycho_roy pictureBariloche on Nahuel Huapi Lake
The City is Bariloche
psycho_roy @ 2005-06-29 07:47:30
psycho_roy pictureMachu Picchu
Great!!! I spent almost 2 hours trying to find it... and i couldnt!!!

psycho_roy @ 2005-06-28 16:25:22
psycho_roy pictureFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
yeah, you are right, I was just trying to make a statment, or a "slight political agenda" like you said, but not too much seriously. Its ok that you pointed that out. Theres absolutely no problem. In fact the Islands, though were stolen by the british, are now administrated by them, and people living there are british too. So, as you said, is correct to put them under the UK. Issue over.
Thnks for commenting.
psycho_roy @ 2005-06-28 14:41:30
psycho_roy pictureStadio Olimpico
Home of Roma & Lazio FC
Soccer Stadium