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robsv @ 2005-09-13 01:03:46
robsv pictureZion Nuclear Power Plant
robsv @ 2005-09-01 11:49:09
robsv pictureWhitehouse radar site (J-04)
This information is all easily publicly available. In the case of civil radar sets, there are websites which have been around for a while that display all of the information on a single page, including links to aerials, topos, and recent photos. I'm submitting them here because I think GoogleGlobrtrotting is a great resource.
robsv @ 2005-08-19 15:21:01
robsv pictureCharlotte County Airport
Check out the Starship on the tarmac:,-81.996975&spn=0.006644,0.010131&t=k&hl=en
robsv @ 2005-07-14 10:27:51
robsv pictureTrestle Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator
This structure is not an antenna array, it's an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulator. The white platform is a wooden trestle that vehicles (or other test subjects) are positioned on, then zapped with up to 10 million volts of electricity to determine the "hardness" of electronic components to the EMP resulting from a nuclear burst. The trestle is the largest wood and glue laminated structure in the world - no metal was used - no screws or nails, just wooden pegs.