Focus Friday - Submarine Incidents

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Focus Friday - Submarine Incidents

Friday, Jan 15 2010 by kjfitz
At 12 noon, January 8 2005, Guam Time, the USS San Francisco, SSN-711, hit an uncharted undersea mountain while traveling at high speed about 500 ft below surface.

USS San Francisco (SSN-711) in drydock after hitting underwater mountain
On 12 August 2000, the Russian Oscar II class submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea. The generally accepted theory is that a leak of hydrogen peroxide in the forward torpedo room led to the detonation of a torpedo warhead, which in turn triggered the explosion of up to seven other warheads about two minutes later.

Wreckage of the Russian submarine K-141 Kursk
HMCS Chicoutimi is a Victoria-class long-range patrol submarine of the Canadian Forces Maritime Command. Shortly after being handed over from Britain to Canada she suffered a fire at sea, which sparked a fierce debate over the value of the purchase of this group of second-hand vessels, as well as the handover inspection process.

HMCS Chicoutimi (SSK-879) in dry-dock
Russian submarine Juliett 484 sank on April 18, 2007 after a storm in Providence Rhode Island harbor where it was on static display.

Russian submarine Juliett 484