Photo Safari #27 - Results

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Photo Safari #27 - Results

Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 by kjfitz
Good job on another solid safari. Once again Matheus held a strong lead from the very first moments. But then, in the final hours WacoKidd110 burst into first and snatched what looked like a sure thing. Excellent strategy. It is fun seeing how different players have adapted over time. Daggerwell brings in a solid performance in third as well.

The final results are:

302 maps submitted.

WacoKidd110 - 110 points
Matheus_ - 94 points
daggerwell - 39 points
adrbr - 23 points
kkeps - 18 points
kuressaare - 17 points
Welshunter - 1 points

Here are more than a few of my favorite submissions:

Check back at midnight and catch a ride on a whole new photo safari!