Photo Safari #5 - Art Shows

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Photo Safari #5 - Art Shows

Thursday, Jun 9 2011 by kjfitz
Y'all rocked the last safari. You submitted way more posts and way better quality posts than I had hoped for. Not a single stinkin' tag tried to sneak its way in among those beautiful pieces too. Thank you!

So lets poke our noses a bit higher in the air and concentrate on what others may consider the more refined arts. You may have to hunt a bit for these but they should be fairly easy to track down.

This week we're looking for show posters and ads for identifiable artists' shows or exhibitions. Museums and art galleries are obviously the first place to look. They often have building sized ads out side of them touting the current or upcoming shows.

Post your finds in Street View -> Art-Advertising, Signs, Billboards and Writing.

Good luck and happy hunting!