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This Week's Birthdays

Monday, Jan 11 2010 by kjfitz
January 11, 1923 - Carroll Shelby - American race car driver, automobile designer and businessman

Carroll Shelby Museum

January 12, 1876 - Jack London - American author

Ruins of Jack London's House

January 13, 1970 - Shonda Rhimes, American screenwriter/creator Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes' house

January 14, 1932 – Don Garlits, American race car driver

Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

January 15, 1929 – Martin Luther King, Jr., American civil rights leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

Martin Luther King's Tomb at the King Center in Atlanta

January 16, 1947 – Dr. Laura Schlessinger, American radio talk show host

Dr. Laura Schlessinger's House

January 17, 1922 - Betty White, American actress

Betty White's House