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AV-8 Harrier II (partial)
"Old Crow" P-51 Mustang in Belgium
1952 Northrop F-89J Scorpion
F-14 abandoned after main gear failure at Fentress Field.
Pair of derelict F-86 Sabres in Denmark
Aircraft boneyard at China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station
F-117 Stealth Fighter
Iraqi aircraft in the sand
Craiova AFB - aircraft graveyard
28 Tu-22M Backfire at Vozdvizhenka Air Force Base
more than 330 airplane on this Air Force Base
White F-117 Nighthawk
"Joltin' Josie" P-38 Lightning (NX38BP) at Chino Airport
YF-23A Black Widow II at Northrop Grumman
F-8 Carcass in desert
Derelict F-101 Voodoo at Camp Shelby
F-15 Eagle with Strange Paint Job at Nellis AFB
Iranian F-14 Fighter
F-35 at Fort Worth NAS
Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter prototype
"Buster" P-51 Mustang N6328T at Baton Rouge Muncipal- Ryan Field
"Lou IV" P-51 Mustang 44-63350 (N51TK) at Camarillo Airport
F-22 Raptor Towed Into Place
Migs at Berat-Kuçovë Air Base
Area 51 - Aircraft Silhouette
F-102A Delta Dagger at Burlington International
14 MiG 29s
Crashed F-86 at Eglin AFB
165 Fighters storage at Kizyl Arvat Air Force Base
Iranian F-14 Tomcat
Spangdahlem Air Base
Saab 37 'Viggen' boneyard
Sudanese MiG-29 Fulcrums
15 Fighters MiG-21 at Phnom Penh Air Force Base (VDPP)
Czech Republic - Air Force MiG-21
1964 Saab J35 Draken Aircraft For Sale $300,000
US Navy Blue Angels
Lockheed Martin F-35 "Lightning II"
F-22 & F-15
Pair of Aero Vodochody L-29 Albatros at Lebanon-Warren County Airport
Jets on former U.S. Air Force's Clark AFB
different MiG at San Antonio de los Baños Base (MUSA)
Four Albanian Mig-15s
F-14 at Fentress Field
MiG-29 at Asmara Air Force Base
Fighters MiG-29 at Yerevan Erebuni Air Force Base
"Crazy Horse II" TF-51 Mustang at Kissimmee Municipal
20 Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire at Soltsy Air Force Base (ULLL)
17 fighters G-4 Super Galeb at Podgorica - Golubovci Air Force Base (LYPJ)
68 dense packed MiG-21 PFMs
"Fighter" squadron at Aircombat USA
F-5E Tiger III at Cerro Moreno Antofagasta Air Force Base (SCFA)
F-16 with Double Cockpit at Nellis
A-6 Intruder, 2 EA-6B Prowlers, and 8 green P-3 Orions
A dozen Mig-21s at Nadarzyce airfield
MiGs at airfield north of Khartoum
F-16 at Shaikh Isa Air Force Base (OBBS)
F-16 Fighting Falcons at Nellis
4 MB-339CE at Asmara Air Force Base (HHAS)
MiG-21s ? at Sanaa International Airport (SAH/OYSN)
"23 Skidoo" P-38J Lightning at Chino
A Slew of Sabres, a MIG15, and "Large Marge"
59 Su-27 Flanker at Komsomolsk-na-Amur / Dzemgi Air Force Base
Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor
Fighters F-16 at Hualien Air Force Base (RCYU)
Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) and F-4 Phantom at Chino
F-4 Phantoms at Taegu Air Base
22 Fighters Chengdu Jian-7 (F-7) at Dalian Zhoushuizi Air Force Base
F-86H Sabre 53-1528
Airshow at Cold Lake Airbase
Fighters at Nebit Dag Air Force Base
33 Fighters Su-25K at Bezmer Air Force Base
Fighter ?? at Lutsk Air Force Base
Mig-21s at Batajnica airfield
F-22's on the ground
Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 "Raptor"
F-15s at Tyndall Air Force Base
Camouflaged Dispersal Area
Private MiG
F-22 Raptor on Tarmac at Dobbins AFB
Airplanes at Zemunik Air Force Base (LDZD)
F-15s at Portland Airport
"Crazy Horse" TF-51 Mustang at Kissimmee Municipal
Pakistani MiG 23s
Airborne Tactical Advantage Company Israel IAI Kfir C2
Strange Airplane
SAAB J-35 Draken and IAI Kfir-C1 (F-21A) aggressors at NAS Mirimar
120 L-39 airplanes Albatros at Kotelnikovo Air Force Base
Swedish Hawker Hunter J34 & de Havilland J28A Vampire
Joint Strike Fighter Prototype?
38 Fighters Su-27 Flanker at Kilpajarvi Air Force Base
Collection of old aircraft
Messerschmitt Me-262 "Swallow"
Black T-38 Talon at Williams Gateway Airport.
Four MiG-23s at Kirkuk Regional Airbase
F-16C/D at Beni Suef Air Base
Three EFA-2000 Eurofighters
Iraqi Fighter Hidden on Riverbank
North American F-100A 'Super Sabre'