Big Kahuna Scavenger Hunt almost done!

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Saturday, Jun 9 2007 by

The Big Kahuna Scavenger Hunt will be over tomorrow, Saturday June 9th at noon PDT.

We already have a perfect hunt, with two globetrotters (mlc1us and mikeb9991) scoring 100 points! milwhcky is only 4 points behind with 96 points!

Since it is clear there is already a tie, the rules state that we will have a face-off hunt to determine the winners. We’re thinking of a small hunt, 48 hours in length with a smaller set of categories. We’ll probably hold this hunt next weekend, if mlc1us and mikeb9991 have the time. Everyone will be able to participate, but only mlc1us and mikeb9991 (and milwhcky if he can get 100 points by tomorrow) will be in the running for the prizes.

Feedback on our scavenger hunts are welcome!

  • What do you globetrotters want to see next time around?
  • Was the length of this hunt good? Do you like short hunts or long hunts?
  • Is it easy to participate?