Christmas Mini-Scavenger Hunt Results

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Thursday, Dec 27 2012 by

We had two finishers who posted one of each item in the hunt. Congratulations to daggerwell and adrbr for finding all 15 items. Mike1989 was almost there with 13 posts.

Thank you to everyone who played!

The final results are:

adrbr – 15 points
daggerwell – 15 points
Mike1989 – 13 points
WacoKidd110 – 4 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Santa Claus (StreetView)
Santa Claus

Knesset Menorah by Benno Elkan (StreetView)
Knesset Menorah by Benno Elkan
Nativity scene (StreetView)
Nativity scene

Elf (StreetView)

North Pole (StreetView)
North Pole

Christmas Tree (StreetView)
Christmas Tree
Reindeer (StreetView)

Gift wrapped package (StreetView)
Gift wrapped package
Reindeer (StreetView)

Angel (StreetView)