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Friday, Aug 6 2010 by

A miniature park is an open space that displays miniature buildings and models, and is usually open to the public. A miniature park may contain a model of a single city or town, often called a miniature city or model village, or it can contain a number of different sets of models. They have been developed as recreational and tourist attractions, with possible roots in Japanese miniature gardens.

Madurodam (Birds Eye)

Italia In Miniatura (Birds Eye)
Italia In Miniatura
Mini Israel (Google Maps)
Mini Israel

France in miniature (Google Maps)
France in miniature

Kiev in miniature (Google Maps)
Kiev in miniature

Minimundus Miniature Park (Birds Eye)
Minimundus Miniature Park
Babbacombe Model Village (Birds Eye)
Babbacombe Model Village

Beijing World Park (Google Maps)
Beijing World Park
Mini chateaux park (Google Maps)
Mini chateaux park

Bekonscot Miniature World (Google Maps)
Bekonscot Miniature World
Swiss Vapeur Parc (Google Maps)
Swiss Vapeur Parc

Anglesey Model Village (Google Maps)
Anglesey Model Village