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Wednesday, Nov 11 2020 by

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most formidable actors, and has been for more than 20 years. The icon, who turns 46 on November 11, is known for starring in groundbreaking, unconventional, and blockbuster films, as well as being a serial dater, always having an up and coming model or actress as a girlfriend or companion.

In addition to starring and producing in films, he also spends much of his time as an environmentalist, and manages to find time to invest in real estate ventures across the US and around the world. If your net worth was more than $260 million, you might dabble in property development, too!

Let’s take a look at some of the places Leo might be celebrating his birthday this year.

Riverhouse Condominium, New York, NY

Leo spends a big chunk of his time in New York City, and has an expansive pad in the eco-chic Riverhouse Condominium, which has features including double filtered air, a gorgeous lap pool for residents, a yoga studio, and 24/7 concierge service.

Leo bought his first unit in the building in 2008 for about $3.7 million, and then bought the unit next door for $8 million in 2014. The combined space is over 2,000 square feet, and includes a 1,035 square foot terrace that overlooks the Hudson River.

Riverhouse Condominiums (Birds Eye)
Riverhouse Condominiums

Private Island, Belize

While he won’t likely spend his birthday here, Leo may spend some time on his birthday working on one of his pet causes: protecting the environment.

He bought an entire island, Blackadore Cay, in 2005, for about $1.75 million. He had the dream of creating an eco-hotel for people to come and visit Belize and see the country’s beauty, all while leaving a neutral or positive impact on fragile ecosystems of the rain forest and ocean. He’s been working since then to obtain the necessary permits and permissions, but has met several significant delays.

As of November 2020, the opening date is still in question, but it’s no doubt going to be an amazing experience once it’s ready to host visitors.

Leonardo DiCaprio's private island (Google Maps)
Leonardo DiCaprio's private island

Tiny Bungalow in Malibu, CA

Leonardo bought a tiny, 610 foot bungalow in desirable Malibu in 2016. He paid a whopping $23 million for the house and the 1.76 acres it sits on. It’s a whole lot of money, considering he’s probably going to tear down the existing structure to build something he prefers more. When he’s done, it’s sure to be gorgeous, environmentally-friendly, and impeccably decorated.

Leonardo DiCaprio's House (Google Maps)
Leonardo DiCaprio's House

Rental Home in Malibu, CA

One of the first things he bought after the success of Titanic, this 1,765 foot home in Malibu has been in his portfolio longer than just about any other property.

He paid $1.6 million for it in 1999, and tried to sell it in 2016. After failing to find a buyer at the $10.95 million price tag, he put it up for rent for about $190,000/month.

In addition to the four-bedroom main house, the property includes a two-bedroom guesthouse, and a loft with an extra bedroom, gym, and office. Rumor has it the place is back on the market for around $2 million, a much more realistic price point, even for Malibu.

Leonardo DiCaprio's House (Birds Eye)
Leonardo DiCaprio's House

Two Homes in Hollywood Hills, CA

Back in 1999, when he was still a fresh-faced newbie, Leonardo bought a lovely home from Madonna in the Hollywood Hills. He paid $2.15 million for the home, which he has since gutted and remodeled, giving it an estimated $7 million value. He has also added a basketball court, a state of the art security system, and put the estate on solar, keeping with his environmentally-friendly values.

Leonardo DiCaprio's House (Google Maps)
Leonardo DiCaprio's House

He also bought the house next door in 2003, for about $3.78 million. The 4,000 square foot home is just one of many amazing properties Leo owns, but doesn’t spend much time living in. When you’re one of the most sought-after and highest-paid actors in Hollywood, it’s just no big deal to have a spare mansion.

Leonardo DiCaprio's House (Birds Eye)
Leonardo DiCaprio's House

The birthday boy certainly has a lot to be grateful for as he celebrates his birthday, and things are always looking up for him, even as he gets a little older.