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Wednesday, May 4 2011 by

Over the past six years, VirtualGlobetrotting has had nearly 110,000 locations contributed to its database by an amazingly dedicated community. Members of our community hail from physical locations as diverse as our interests.

We have been supported by an amazing team of moderators that monitor the queue of incoming submissions to filter out spam and duplicate submissions, and their hard work and dedication has sculpted VirtualGlobetrotting into the rich informative resource that it is today.

One of the challenges that we all encounter, whether you’re a moderator or just a visitor, is how we can ensure that the site is kept at a high level of quality, while still accepting submissions from a diverse community of people spanning the globe. The moderation team has worked hard to be consistent in how we moderate incoming submissions, and we have developed a lot of guidelines over the years to ensure that submissions maintain a certain level of quality.

However, we realize that these policies and guidelines have not always been clear to visitors of the site, and for that, we apologize.

To help with this, we have made an attempt to write down all of the current guidelines and policies that moderators follow when looking over new submissions.

We have posted the new Map Submission Policies page here:

It is also linked to from the Submit page.

We invite you to look over the policies and send us your feedback. The policies are not set in stone — we may add, remove, or change them in the future. We hope that by having them listed publicly, the moderation process can be more open and transparent to all visitors.

Thank you!
– Nic