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The Foxtrot class was the NATO reporting name of a class of diesel-electric patrol submarines that were built in the Soviet Union. The Soviet designation of this class was Project 641.

The first Foxtrot was laid down in 1957 and commissioned in 1958 and the last was completed in 1983. A total of 58 were built for the Soviet Navy at the Sudomekh division of the Admiralty Shipyard (now Admiralty Wharves), St. Petersburg. Additional hulls were built for other countries.

The Foxtrot class was comparable in performance and armament to most contemporary designs. However, its three screws made it noisier than most Western designs. Moreover, the Foxtrot class was one of the last designs introduced before the adoption of the teardrop hull, which offered much better underwater performance. The Foxtrot class was completely obsolete by the time the last submarine was launched. The Russian Navy retired its last Foxtrots between 1995 and 2000, although some may still be in service with other nations.

Submarine U480 Foxtrot (StreetView)
Submarine U480 Foxtrot

Foxtrot B-39 (U 475) submarine (StreetView)
Foxtrot B-39 (U 475) submarine
Russian Submarine U475 Foxtrot (Birds Eye)
Russian Submarine U475 Foxtrot

Russian Attack Submarine (Birds Eye)
Russian Attack Submarine

Russian Foxtrot class attack submarine (Google Maps)
Russian Foxtrot class attack submarine

B-413 (Foxtrot class) (Google Maps)
B-413 (Foxtrot class)
Submarine Museum 'INS Kursura' (S20) (Google Maps)
Submarine Museum 'INS Kursura' (S20)

Soviet Foxtrot-class Submarines in Libya (Google Maps)
Soviet Foxtrot-class Submarines in Libya
U480 Foxtrot (Google Maps)
U480 Foxtrot