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Saturday, Mar 9 2024 by

The 96th Academy Awards are upon us, and on Sunday we will watch as awards are given out for best films, best actors and actresses, best music, costumes, cinema and more.

Let’s check out some of the people who might be taking home one of the coveted gold statues as a reward for all their hard work.

Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, California

Once known as the Kodak Theater, the Dolby has hosted the event since it opened in 2002 (except when it was hosted at a smaller venue during COVID). The Art Deco design of the building is a perfect backdrop for the night’s lead up to the main event: the red carpet walk where celebrities walk, pose, and answer questions about who designed their dress and who they think will win.

The megawatt entrance routine is as important to many fans as what happens inside the venue. Entire magazines will be dedicated to who wore what, who looked the best, and whose outfit flopped on the biggest fashion night of the year.

Dolby Theatre (StreetView)
Dolby Theatre

Jimmy Kimmel’s House, Los Angeles, California

Jimmy Kimmel, famed late-night talk show host, has hosted the Oscars three times, and will come back this year to make it four times. His hosting style is funny and relatable, and he makes everyone feel welcome.

Kimmel has been a mainstay in Hollywood for decades, hosting his late-night comedy show since 2003. He’s incredibly successful, and has the usual real estate collection to go with his fame. One of the most amazing homes in his portfolio is the Hollywood Hills home he bought in 2008 for around $6 million.

This house is about 5,500 square feet, with a modern design throughout the four bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house. The house is a great neighborhood, where celebs like John Krasinski have been neighbors at some time or other. Right now, his sister-in-law lives there, but he still owns the house.

Jimmy Kimmel's House (Google Maps)
Jimmy Kimmel's House

Bradley Cooper, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Bradley Cooper is no stranger to Academy nominations, having received 12 so far, for acting and other roles in the movies! This year, he is nominated for the best actor award, though he’s not the favorite to win in a strong year.

Cooper has been involved in several of the highest-grossing films, and has a net worth of more than $120 million. With that money, he recently bought a farmhouse in Pennsylvania. He’s from the state, and is a huge Eagles football fan, but it seems the reason for his purchase is his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who spends much of her time at her mother’s farm nearby.

The farmhouse and property set him back around $6.5 million, and comes with a house built in 1704 and 33 acres of land. The massive house doesn’t look 300+ years old inside. It’s been renovated and upgraded to have a very modern kitchen, fitness room, and gorgeous open space. With six bedrooms, there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy each other and their own space at the same time.

Bradley Cooper's House (Google Maps)
Bradley Cooper's House

Carey Mulligan, Devon, United Kingdom

British actress Carey Mulligan has married a fellow Brit, Marcus Mumford, who she actually knew growing up. Now, she’s a successful actress, nominated for the third time in the best actress category.

She and her husband bought a 16th century farmhouse about a decade ago, for around $2.7 million. The estate is a real English farm, with a main house, lots of outbuildings, and plenty of space for their three kids. The house maintains some old looks, with a thick white brick exterior, dark wood window frames, and wood floors. But it’s got lots of modern upgrades, including a full-on recording studio, perfect for the founding member of Mumford and Sons.

Carey Mulligan's House (Birds Eye)
Carey Mulligan's House

Emma Stone, Los Angeles, California

Emma Stone has already won an Oscar for best actress, and she’s up again this year for her role in Poor Things. She’s the favorite to win, but if she gets another gold statue, she’s going to be taking it to a new house.

She had lived in this cute 3,200 square foot home in Comstock Hills since 2019, but put it on the market in January. It was sold, most likely for well over the $3.9 million asking price, as it sold in about ten days.

It’s not clear where the successful actress, her husband and child will be calling home next, but with her commercial and critical success these days, they can go anywhere! And with her reported net worth of more than $40 million, she can certainly afford it!

Emma Stone's House (Google Maps)
Emma Stone's House

Billie Eilish, Los Angeles, California

Already an Oscar veteran at just 22, Billie Eilish is certainly a musical prodigy. She won an Academy Award for her song in No Time to Die a few years ago and is back in the category for her original song for the movie Barbie. Billie is an incredibly talented musician, and comes from a talented show biz family.

Her parents were in the business long before she and her brother were in the picture, and lived in this small but happy home. Her brother Finneas is her collaborator and producer, and shares in her amazing success. The duo even recorded her first album in the house!

While she has bought her own home, she still spends many nights at the family home, including one night a year ago when a burglar was arrested at her address.

Billie Eilish's House (Google Maps)
Billie Eilish's House

As always, the Academy Awards will be a night full of music, comedy, entertainment, and surprise as Hollywood’s elite celebrate another amazing year in film.