Photo Safari #24 - Celebrate!

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Thursday, Oct 20 2011 by

Welcome to the twenty-fourth Photo Safari!

This week we’ll be hunting down celebrations, holidays, and generally festive events. This one will have rather loose rules so go for it. I only ask that you refrain from submitting mini-celebrations of one or two people (i.e. one person cheering the Google car or two excited people.) I’m looking for holiday decorations, murals, street decorations, signs, murals, weddings, graduations, what have you. Kudos for unusual celebrations or nation and region specific celebrations.

Post your finds to BOTH their normal category AND Street View – Events – Misc for credit.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Here are a few examples!:

Wedding Party (StreetView)
Wedding Party

Graduation (StreetView)
Halloween Decorations (StreetView)
Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations (StreetView)
Halloween decorations

Easter at The Bowl (StreetView)
Easter at The Bowl

Brazilian Carnival (StreetView)
Brazilian Carnival
Giant Cornucopia (StreetView)
Giant Cornucopia

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Logo (StreetView)
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Logo
Christmas decorations (StreetView)
Christmas decorations

Santa Claus (StreetView)
Santa Claus